Description: Description: Platform Ellen (left) is a production platform connected by a walk-way to Platform Elly (right) which is a processing platform for both Ellen and Eureka in the Beta Unit.

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Offshore Facility SEMS


SEMS Program Support



  See Outreach Program for free Webinars, including our acclaimed Offshore Facility SEMS Webinar Series.

  Contact us for custom workshops at your facility/office 832/266-0440 (Houston) or 949/282-0123 (West Coast)


Consulting Engineering Support

  New SEMS Program Creation

  Transformation of an Existing SEMP to Meet Current SEMS Requirements

  SEMS Gap Audits

  Third-Party Verification of Your SEMS Program


Software Solutions for SEMS

  SEMS-Solution - - a broad-spectrum SEMS Compliance Software Package designed to facilitate the creation and maintenance of SEMS Programs that meet all of BOEMREs requirements


Experience in Practical Applications of All SEMS Elements

  Safety & Environmental Information

  Hazards Analysis

  Management of Change

  Operating Procedures

  Safe Work Practices


  Mechanical Integrity

  Pre-startup Reviews

  Emergency Response & Control

  Investigation of Incidents

  Program Audits

  Practical Approaches to Records & Documentation


Advanced Technical Experience




  Safety Case



The Risk Management Professionals Difference

  Engineers Creating the SEMS Programs

  Experience in Practical SEMP, SEMS, and SMS Applications

  Using Plant Operations Knowledge to Create Detailed Operating Procedures

  Creation of an Easy-to-Use, Evergreen Framework for SEMS


Other Relevant Facts

  Extensive Experience in Working with Industry & Regulatory Agencies in High-Profile Situations

  RMPs Experience Dates Back to the Landmark PSSDS Effectiveness Study See "Offshore Platform Safety Shutdown System Effectiveness," Safety Developments in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Glasgow, Scotland, April 1991.


SEMS Resources


We will be working to keep up a resource page for everyones benefit and use Contributions (comments/input/etc.) are welcome